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Serenity Place is an executive rehab center and mental health clinic in Islamabad where evidence-based treatment methods are used to help individuals dealing with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or mental health disorders. Our experts at Serenity Place rehabilitation clinic in Islamabad are here to support and counsel the families along with the client seeking out drug addiction treatment in Islamabad.
For drug addicts and mental health patients in Pakistan, Serenity Place rehab center has outpatient and inpatient rehab programs. We provide comprehensive treatment by forming a team of experienced professionals including a medical doctor, a psychologist, a counselor, and support staff.
Our main goal is to help you recover from drug addiction or alcohol addiction to rejoin society with a healthy mind and body. Rest assured the professionals at serenity place rehabilitation clinic in Islamabad are well qualified and experienced to handle the responsibility of rehabilitating you to a life of sobriety.